Testimonials from our Clients
Scott Sutton from Security Professionals Group (SPG) has been providing my staff with NYS
Security Guard instruction, to comply with the New York State Security Guard Act’s annual in-
service training requirement. His classes are highly energetic and interactive, bringing to the
class his 30 plus years of experience in the professional healthcare security environment.  Our
security officers are regularly challenged with aggressive behaviors from patients, visitors and
others and Scott’s training has helped out Security Officers to better de-escalate these situations
without disruptions or outbreaks of violence.  SPG’s electives of  
Managing Aggressive
Personalities and Preventing Workplace Violence has provided my staff with the tools and
confidence in those situations that required a unique approach that must be taken when
handling aggressive personalities.  There are unique legal challenges in handling situations
and documenting incidents after the fact that are well covered in Scott’s training. I would highly
recommend Scott and SPG training, for your security staff, and for others dealing in behavioral
health and hospitalized settings such as nursing, CNA’s and others with public contact.
James Buchholz, Thompson Health
The Rochester General Health System Behavioral Health Network was fortunate to secure
Security Professionals Group to provide our staff with
Management of Aggressive Personalities
training.   Our goal was to assist our staff in achieving competency in this particular area.   In our
environment, we face confrontational and aggressive behaviors on a regular basis.  This training
has provided our staff with valuable steps to assist in de-escalating situations so we may serve
all of our clients in a proactive manner.
-Lynn Voehringer,  B.S., Manager, Administrative Office
Following the implementation of a workplace violence training program, we experienced a
reduction in violent incidents and injuries to both patients and staff.
Paul McManus,
                                Associate Director of Safety and Security, ViaHealth System